Bio Documentary 

Bio documentary Project

A community-based participatory film made by the weavers of the Bhuj community, Gujarat. It is an ethnographic film documenting the lives of young weavers in Bhuj. The film was a form of exploration and documentation of reality and looked into the lives of the weavers. 

The film is called ‘A life in threads’, named by the weavers. The film traces the changes in the lives of the weavers of Kutch. The three generations of weavers talk about the effect of markets on their products. The films showcase the aspirations of young weavers and children in weaving families. 

Narrative building process

Describing the video-making process- This process the participants underwent a week-long training consisting of sessions on understanding the importance of documentary making; introduction to the camera, frames, positioning, soundtrack, and lighting; creating short practice videos; developing personal narratives to be used for the films 

Making of the film- The participants made a film on their narratives. The participants undertook the film direction and the role of crew members.  

Engagement of the participants in viewing their short videos- Questioning the participants about what they liked or disliked about their video. What did they feel when they watched their videos? Are they able to show what they want to show in the film?  

Compiling an edited composite video – Final editing and composing the film with the help of the participants and putting relevant soundtrack in the background, and creating the final product.

Finally, taking the edited video back to the participants for viewing and analysis- The last analysis of the film by the filmmakers and the crew.  

Screening the film for the broad audience- Screening the film for the broader audience in the organised exhibitions and workshops.  

The process largely remained around the six broad points. Though the process didn’t unfold in precisely the same ways as planned, the divisions were minor. The film was screened in multiple locations within Bengaluru.

The film: A Life of threads

Uncut Interview of the makers