Unifying the Kedia Group of Companies

Corporate Branding for Kedia Group of Companies

The Kedia Group of Companies project involved creating a new name and brand identity for the group which has a presence in 7 different industries. The scope of the project included developing a brand architecture to ensure consistent and cohesive representation across the group's various businesses.


The name "Oneseed" was chosen to reflect the presence of Kedia Group of Companies in 7 different industries, as the seed, so small and humble, holds the potential for growth and expansion. The metaphor of the seed represents the power of Kedia Group to cultivate and nurture their businesses, leading to exponential growth and success. The new brand identity was designed to align with this concept, showcasing the company's innovative spirit and drive for continued expansion.

Massive Transformative Purpose

Oneseed's "Synergize people, energize potential" is a clear and impactful Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) that represents the company's goals and values. To arrive at this statement, workshops were conducted with top management to align on the company's vision and mission. Having a defined MTP has many benefits, including serving as a guiding principle for decision-making, aligning employees around a shared purpose, and helping the company stand out in a crowded marketplace. It also acts as a rallying point for stakeholders, providing a clear sense of direction and purpose for the organization.


The Oneseed brand identity was designed to reflect a sprouting of a new beginning, protectiveness, a natural and organic feel, while communicating power and passion. The design aimed to capture the essence of growth and renewal, while also showcasing the brand's commitment to environmental sustainability and strength. The final design symbolized the brand's vision of fostering growth and creating impact, representing a strong and dynamic entity, rooted in nature and committed to progress.

Brand Archetype

The "Everyman" brand archetype was arrived for Oneseed after conducting workshops with its top management. During these workshops, the team focused on identifying the core values and characteristics that best represent the brand's personality and mission. The "Everyman" archetype was chosen because it embodies traits such as reliability, hard work, and a down-to-earth attitude, which align with Oneseed's commitment to being accessible and practical for its customers. This archetype also highlights the brand's focus on empowering and uplifting individuals, which is a key part of its massive transformative purpose of "Synergizing people and energizing potential". By embracing the "Everyman" archetype, Oneseed has created a clear and consistent brand identity that resonates with its target audience and helps differentiate it from competitors.

Brand Architecture

The brand architecture scope for Kedia Group of Companies involved creating a unified structure that defined the relationships between the different businesses within the group and the overarching parent brand. It involved defining brand hierarchy, ensuring brand consistency, and establishing clear guidelines for communication, messaging, and visual identity across the group's various industries.

Brand Expression

The Oneseed visual identity was crafted as a collection of interconnected components that can be utilized to form various expressions, promoting cohesive branding while avoiding monotony across various mediums. This was crucial for the brand's physical representation within properties, including print materials, signage, online communications and hoardings.